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Deal with it

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you may not be able to control every situation and it’s

outcome, but you can control your attitude and

how you deal with it

wearing the actual 8-bit sunglasses will let everyone know

you do indeed have the right to tell others to just deal with it.

Great gag gift for the gamer, meme-enthusiast or troll in your life
Meme yourself and tell the sun and everyone else to “Deal With It”
8 bits of attitude for when you just need someone to deal with a situation

The glasses are very high quality and very popular around the

world,   add your self-confidence

These shades will complete any Redditor’s ensemble and

attitude alike – though it’s up to you to figure out a way for

them to drop from the sky and land perfectly when the timing

is right. Make your meme dreams a reality IRL. 

Don’t get it?     Deal with it. 

Perfect gift for you, gamers, meme-lovers, or anyone. Block out the sun and the haters. 



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Black, Blue, Silver, Yellow, Green


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